Monday, February 11, 2019

Coupons Hungry Howies Coupons

Coupons Hungry Howies Coupons

Hello again! We have our final printable pizza coupon with the printable Hungry Howies coupons for pizza. As you can see this one is for the family deal:

(This Printable coupon may or may not work at all locations)
Coupons Hungry Howie's Coupons

This Hungry Howie's Meal Deal is a coupon for a whole family deal for $21. It's good because you an choose round or square pizzas. Apparently the size is the same but for me I think the square is better because there isn't as much crust and the toppings go more to the edge. Who doesn't want more toppings? Yum!

Plus, you get 2 larges which is fine for even a family of six (provided you're "little ones" are still little haha). We got pepperoni and ham on one and pepperoni and mushrooms on the other. Fresh tomatoes and mushrooms is also a good choice for you vegetarians).

Be careful though these pizza coupons are only good for 2 dipping sauces and they usually go pretty fast because you're also getting free breadsticks. I believe extra sauces are $0.59. Or you can just melt some butter and add garlic powder and your kids won't know the difference!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

General Mills Cereal Coupon

General Mills Cereal Coupon

Here we have a coupon for General mills coupon.  You can get many different cereals such as everybody's favorite Cheerios or else Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi-Grain, or any other flavor you might like.

Some more cereals that you can use General Mill cereal coupons on are Kix, Chex, Lucky Charms coupons, Total, Fiber one which not comes in many flavors too.  I don't think you can use it on granola bars from Fiber One though. 

The General Mills cereal coupon below is expired but it's an example of what you'll find out there.  Keep them coming!

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